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IT Equipment Section

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Our latest addition to the site is the IT equipment section.
Apple Macbook Pro on a red background
IT equipment is arguably the broadest category of equipment that is leased. Almost all businesses will have some need for IT equipment. The clients we provide finance for differ a lot with regard to IT. Some companies are based on IT like graphic designers and software companies. For them we often have dedicated leases for large servers and work stations. Larger companies require lots of networking equipment such as routers and servers.

We’ve found that for IT equipment people like to lease for 4 years on average but that choice is quite industry specific. Graphic and Web designers really need to be on the cutting edge so they tend to lease for as little as 2 years whereas a regular office is closer to 4 years. The way Moore’s Law works means that 4 years is generally a good time to replace. After that the progress of software due to faster new computers mean that your old machine will slow down.

If you like to combine financing IT equipment with an Office fit out, that’s no problem.

Office Equipment Section

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

As you might have seen we’ve been busy lately improving our website. The latest addition is our office equipment finance section. Office Equipment is arguably the most broad sector that we finance as so many forms of businesses have offices.

So whether you are an IT company, a doctor’s surgery, a solicitor or anything in between if you need office equipment we can provide the financial solution to make it happen. Regardless of whether you are looking for some new furniture or a complete kit-out we’ll happy to advise you as best we can.

Our phone number as always is Lo-call 1890 252 747 or you can contact us by email or fax if you wish.

If you would like us to add anything to our office equipment section, please feel free to leave a comment.