IT Equipment Finance

Computer Keyboard

If you are an office needing a few PCs, or a design studio looking for the latest Mac Pro’s we can set up the finance deal for you. From the largest of servers to the smallest of laptops we’ve financed them all.

Freedom of Choice

Your business is unique and your ideal specification of desktop PCs, laptops and printers are unlikely to come from one source We give you the choice to choose your components from whatever supplier you wish.

Your Equipment works for You

We believe that computers should work for you, not you work for the computer. As you use your IT equipment in business, it pays for itself.

Choose Your Monthly Repayments

We offer repayment plans over 3, 4 and 5 years so whether you want the cutting edge of equipment or want to maximise it’s lifespan we have the finance deal to suit.

If you need any advice on IT equipment finance or want to know more about our Financial Solutions for your Business contact us online or on 1890 252 747