Lease Credit Line

Lease Credit Line is like a bank overdraft – it’s basically a pre-approved leasing facility for the year which you can draw on as you acquire goods from (perhaps) different suppliers.

Application (Minimum overall sanction €25,000)

Projected total expenditure for the coming 12months should be approx €25,000 plus on such items as Office/I.T. equipment, Medical, Scanning, Security & copiers etc.

Preferential Terms / Benefits

  • No application fee.
  • No documentation fees.
  • Preferred lease rate (based on €25,000 deal).
  • No downtime with future small applications.
  • Supplier paid immediately/directly.
  • Easy drawdown – 1 page sign-off.
  • Recent asset purchases accommodated (past 6 weeks).


Terms from 2 years to 5 years can apply thereafter to the various drawdowns – (depending on asset).

Freedom of Choice

There must be a supplier selling new equipment behind each transaction.

Cars / Commercial Vehicles
These are approved by on a case by case basis and do not fall under the above credit line.