Construction Equipment Finance

Crane on construction site

You depend on your equipment to earn a living. Make sure that when you finance that equipment you talk to Ireland’s Leasing experts.

Freedom of Choice

Whether you want a crane, a cement truck or scaffolding we can provide the finance. By choosing an independent finance provider you are not tied to any brand and you have the freedom to make the decisions you want. We even finance secondhand equipment.

Your Equipment works for You

Your construction equipment should work as hard as you do. Our Leasing and Hire Purchase plans maximise the benefits of new equipment while minimising the initial outlay. You put the equipment to work to earn you money and repay the cost incrementally.

Choose Your Monthly Repayments

We offer repayment plans over 3, 4, 5 and even up to 7 years (for certain equipment). You have the flexibility to choose what repayment solution you want.

If you need any advice or want to know more about our Financial Solutions for your Business contact us online or on 1890 252 747. Why not provisionally apply online