What is a Lease?

The Dictionary Definition:
An Equipment lease gives your company the full use of an asset for an agreed period of time at an agreed monthly rental rate. The leasing provider purchase the required asset, claim any available capital allowances or writing down allowances and pass the full benefit on within the lease rentals. Your company (the leasee) pay a regular monthly repayment for the duration of the lease term.

How a Lease Works

LightbulbYou Need Equipment

You decide that you need to buy some new equipment. This could be anything from kitting out an office, to a truck or some specialist device.

Shopping CartChoose Your Equipment
You decide what equipment that you want for your business. You have complete freedom to choose the equipment you want. You can even choose to purchase secondhand equipment/vehicles if you so wish.

Shopping TillArrange your Payment Plan
You get in contact with the Leasing Company of Ireland and we work out a payment plan for you. You get to choose how long you want the repayments spread over.

ChequeSupplier is paid
We pay the equipment supplier and you get full use of the equipment.

calendarYou make monthly repayments
You pay one easy to remember lease repayment every month for the length of the term. Quick Easy and Simple